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JOTP – Winter 2016

Journal of the Professoriate Volume 8, Issue 2 Winter 2016 Full Issue JOTP Volume 8, Issue 2 Front Matter Articles Structuring for High Performance: A Case Study of Market-Based Faculty Work Vicente M. Lechuga Texas A&M University  Exploring Gender Disparities in Senior-Level Position Attainment in the Academic Workforce: Does Evidence Suggest A Glass Ceiling? Elizabeth M. O’Callaghan University of Wisconsin-Madison Jerlando F. L. Jackson University of Wisconsin-Madison Reframing the Two-Body Problem in U.S. STEM Departments: Asian Women Faculty Negotiation of Career and Family Tamara Yakaboski University of Northern Colorado Elitism or Pragmatism? Faculty Hiring at Top Graduate Programs in Higher Education Administration Sydney Freeman Jr. University of Idaho David DiRamio Auburn...

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JOTP – Spring 2016

Journal of the Professoriate Volume 8, Issue 1 Spring 2016 Full Issue JOTP Volume 8, Issue 1 Front Matter Articles View of Campus Community Members of Division I Athletes in Classroom Settings Eddie Comeaux University of California, Riverside Eric M. Snyder University of Oklahoma Graduate Students’ Perceptions of the Prospects for Combining Career and Family: The Role of the Academic Program and Gender Colleen. E Pagnan University of Guelph Humber Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth Purdue University “I Don’t Want to Work in a World of Whiteness:” White Faculty and Their Mentoring Relationships with Black Students Richard Reddick The University of Texas at Austin Katie Ortego Pritchett The University of Texas at Austin Faculty of Color and White Faculty: An Analysis of Service in Colleges of Education in Arizona Public University System J. Luke Wood San Diego State University Adriel A. Hilton Western Carolina University Carlos...

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JOTP – Spring 2013

Journal of the Professoriate Volume 7, Issue 1 Spring 2013 Front Matters ARTICLES The Tenuous Legal Status of First Amendment Protection for Individual Academic Freedom Neal H. Hutchens The Pennsylvania State University Jeffrey C. Sun University of North Dakota Faculty Epistemologies and Academic Life: Implications for the Professoriate Tami Moore Oklahoma State University – Tulsa Dawn Shinew Bowling Green State University Brandon Sternod Lewis-Clark State College Hillary Merk University of Portland Melissa Saul University of Idaho Research Productivity of Science and Engineering Faculty at US Universities: The Contribution of Foreign Vs. US-Born Status Karen L. Webber The University of Georgia –...

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JOTP – Summer 2012

Journal of the Professoriate Volume 6, Issue 2 Summer 2012 Front Matters ARTICLES “I Didn’t Do It the Right Way”: Women’s Careers as Faculty in Higher Education Administration Karen Haley Portland State University Audrey Jaeger North Carolina State University Learning to Mentor: A Mixed Methods Study of the Nature and Influence of Black Professors’ Socialization into Their Roles as Mentors Kimberly A. Griffin University of Maryland Faculty Motivation and Scholarly Work: Self-Determination and Self-Regulation Perspectives Vicente M. Lechuga Texas A&M University Deborah C. Lechuga Texas A&M University Faculty Grassroots Leadership: Making the Invisible Visible Jaime Lester George Mason University Adrianna Kezar University of Southern...

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JOTP – Fall 2011

Journal of the Professoriate Volume 6, Issue 1 Fall 2011 Front Matters ARTICLES Introduction John M. Braxton Vanderbilt University Variation among Academic Disciplines: An Update on Analytical Frameworks and Research Willis A. Jones University of Kentucky Do Faculty Members Get What They Deserve?: A Review of the Literature Surrounding the Determinants of Salary, Promotion and Tenure Toby Park Vanderbilt University Does Universalism Hold in Academia?: Focusing on Women and Racial Minority Faculty Jungmin Lee Vanderbilt University The Past, Present, and Future of Scientific Misconduct Research: What Has Been Done? What Needs to be Done? Jungmin Lee Vanderbilt University Academic Capitalism and its Impact on the American Professoriate Toby Park Vanderbilt University The Scholarship of Teaching: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow Amanda Ochoa Vanderbilt University Faculty Involvement in Institutional Governance: A Literature Review Willis A. Jones University of Kentucky Contingent Faculty: Helping or Harming Students? Amanda Ochoa Vanderbilt...

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