The Center for African American Policy and Research (CAARP) is a clearinghouse for innovative research and policy relevant to the Black experience. CAARP is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan research and policy center. CAARP was established in 2005, as a research arm of the Brothers of the Academy (BOTA) but has since grown to serve as an intellectual space for thought leaders in the Black community.

CAARP’s mission is to accelerate efforts to create an institutional space devoted to scholarship, research, and best practices around African American issues in policy and research. Primarily, this mission is accomplished through training and scholarly outlets that seek to enhance the capacity of emerging and seasoned scholars in academia. Examples of scholarly outlets supported by CAARP include:

• Journal of the Professoriate
• Annuals of the Next Generation
• Journal of Progressive Policy & Practice (formerly Policy Briefs)

CAARP is excited to further the discourse surrounding African Americans in the United States and abroad. As such, CAARP seeks to identify and work with individuals and organizations committed to practical interventions, reliable research, effective programs, best practices, and responsible policy innovations that are informed by interdisciplinary perspectives in order to improve the interdisciplinary outcomes.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this intellectual space, please let us know.

Onward and Upward,

Kmt Shockley, PhD
Executive Director