Since 2001, the Brothers of the Academy (BOTA) Institute has engaged in basic and applied research to inform policy and practice. As BOTA positions itself as a premier organization that produces research focused on the conditions of African Americans in the United States, an emphasis was placed on dissemination. Accordingly, two committees (i.e., Research Interest and Journal Committee) were merged to create the Center for African American Research and Policy. The primary purpose for creating this Center was to marshal the research talents of BOTA members and affiliates to produce publications for key stakeholders (e.g., researcher, policy makers, practitioners, and community members).

January 2005 – CAARP’s inaugural staff was announced. The founding staff of the CAARP was Dr. Jerlando F. L. Jackson (Executive Director), Dr. Chance Lewis (Associate Director), and Brandon D. Daniels (Assistant Director).

May 2006 – CAARP co-hosted (with the Interwest Equity Center) the National Conference on PK-12 and Higher Education: An Examination of Critical Stages in the Educational Pipeline for African American Males in Denver, Colorado.

January 2007 – CAARP’s staff was expanded to include a Deputy Director, Associate Director for Research, Associate Director for Publications, General Counsel, Assistant Director for Administration, and Webmaster.

May 2007 – CAARP receives its not-for-profit status.

May 2009 – The Journal of the Professoriate became housed under CAARP. This journal promotes critical analysis among scholars and policymakers on issues affecting all college and university faculty in America and abroad.

August 2011 – A new leadership team was developed. This team will create new conferences, symposium, and provide contractual services. During this month, CAARP also launched the Journal of Black Technology Interaction (JBTI), to provide a forum for research on the latest technologies aimed at increasing the unity, education, health, well-being and quality of life for African Americans.

September 2012 – CAARP hosted an annual national summit in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The conference theme was “Forward: How We Can Improve and Believe in America.” The conference had three sub-themes, focused on education, the economy, and healthcare.

January 2013 – CAARP launched the Journal of Progressive Policy & Practice (formerly referred to as Policy Briefs). This peer-reviewed journal provides empirical data and introduces contemporary and innovative contributions to the “best practices” for service provision practitioners at all levels and from all fields (priority focus is given to urgent and current issues that affect communities of color).

January 2014 – J. Luke Wood assumes leadership as director of CAARP with the vision of enhancing the organizations focus on scholarly [peer-reviewed] outlets.

November 2016 – Robert T. Palmer assumes leadership as the executive director of CAARP with the vision of enhancing the organizations focus on scholarly [peer-reviewed] outlets as well as innovative research projects.