Journal of the Professoriate
Volume 8, Issue 2
Winter 2016

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JOTP Volume 8, Issue 2

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Structuring for High Performance: A Case Study of Market-Based Faculty Work
Vicente M. Lechuga
Texas A&M University 

Exploring Gender Disparities in Senior-Level Position Attainment in the Academic Workforce: Does Evidence Suggest A Glass Ceiling?
Elizabeth M. O’Callaghan
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jerlando F. L. Jackson
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reframing the Two-Body Problem in U.S. STEM Departments: Asian Women Faculty Negotiation of Career and Family
Tamara Yakaboski
University of Northern Colorado

Elitism or Pragmatism? Faculty Hiring at Top Graduate Programs in Higher Education Administration
Sydney Freeman Jr.
University of Idaho

David DiRamio
Auburn University