At the Center for African American Research and Policy (CAARP), we invite researches, policymakers, and practitioners to conduct innovative research informs and drives systemic change towards social justice, equity, and liberation for African Americans. We are committed to dismantling systemic barriers, our organization is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions through rigorous scholarship, impactful research, and the promotion of best practices. Through a dedicated research hub, we foster collaboration and disseminate knowledge to drive meaningful societal change.


A world where African Americans experience full social justice, equity, and liberation


  1. Excellence: We strive for the highest standards of research quality and rigor.
  2. Equity: We center the experiences and perspectives of Black communities in our research.
  3. Impact: We translate research findings into actionable strategies for social change.
  4. Collaboration: We partner with communities, policymakers, and scholars to advance our mission.


“Where the pursuit of knowledge meets the commitment to societal change”

Research Focus Areas 

Educational Equity 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions aimed at closing the achievement gap and promoting educational equity.

Structural Racism 

  • Investigate historical roots and contemporary manifestations of discriminatory policies and practices.

Policy Impact 

  • Evaluate the impact of existing policies on racial disparities and propose evidence-based policy recommendations for mitigating systemic inequalities.

Technology & Algorithmic Bias 

  • Investigate biases in technology and algorithms that may perpetuate racial discrimination