Spring Issue, Spring 2021

JOTP – Volume 12, Issue One

Front Matters

The Professoriate’s Reponse to COVID-19
Henrietta Williams Pichon
New Mexico State University
Monica Burke
Western Kentucky State University p. i


Wellbeing, Psychological Capital, and Coping of University Employees during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Priscilla Rose Prasath
University of Texas, San Antonio
Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat
Ohio University, Ohio
Dr. Peter C. Mather
Ohio University, Ohio
Dr. Tamarine Foreman
Ohio University, Ohio
Dr. Justine K. James
Christ University, Bangalore, India

Co-Conspirators and Community Care: Toward Theorizing a Post-COVID-19 Academy
Ginny J. Boss
University of Georgia (GA)
Christa J. Porter
Kent State University
Tiffany J. Davis
University of Houston

Faculty Development Post COVID-19: A Cross-Atlantic Conversation and Call to Action
Vicki Baker
Albion College
Christel Lutz
University College Utrecht

Ethical Mindfulness: Why We Need a Framework for Ethical Practice in the Academy
Cecile Sam
Rowan University (NJ)
Jarrett Gupton
University of South Florida

Abrupt Adaption: A Review of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Faculty in Higher Education
Andrea J. Kirk-Jenkins
Western Kentucky University
Aaron W. Hughey
Western Kentucky University

High Tension: Graduate Student Instructors, Professional Judgment, and Emergency Remote Teaching
Colleen Gannon
Johns Hopkins University
Monica Anthony
University of Maryland, College Park
Virginia Byrne
Morgan State University
Erin Hogan
University of Maryland, College Park
Neil Dhingra
University of Maryland, College Park

The Pedagogical Imperative of Changing the Culture of Teaching
Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave
University of Denver
Laura E. Sponsler
University of Denver
Christina H. Paguyo
University of Denver
Leslie Cramblet Alvarez
University of Denver

Supporting Student Learning and Well-Being During COVID-19 Using a Choice Theory Framework
Cynthia Palmer Mason
Western Kentucky University
Lori Mason-Bennett
Sinclair Community College

Teaching to Transgress During COVID-19 and Beyond for Racial Justice and Decolonization
Robin Phelps-Ward
Ball State University
Laila McCloud
Western Illinois University
Erin Phelps
Pearce College p. 195

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