Fall Issue, Fall 2021

JOTP – Volume 12, Issue Two

Front Matters


A Systematic Review of Research on Faculty with Disabilities
Rachel E. Friedensen
St. Cloud State University
Cassandra Volpe Horii
California Institute of Technology
Ezekiel Kimball
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Bethany Lisi
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ryan A. Miller
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Sidra Siddiqui
St. Cloud State University
Hanni Thoma
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jennifer E. Weaver
California Institute of Technology
Ashley Woodman
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Understanding How Social Support Alleviates Work Interference with Family Among Faculty
Linda H. Slowik
Xiaohui Zhong
Dawn E. Archey
Kathleen Zimmerman-Oster
Pamela Zarkowski
University of Detroit Mercy

Survivor-Faculty: Making Meaning of Identity and Putting Identity into Action
Sarah Hurtado
University of Denver
Susan Marine
Merrimack College
Casey McCoy-Simmons
University of Denver

Neutrality for Whom? Racially Minoritized Tenure-Track Faculty Navigating Resource Deficit Consciousness
in the Academy
Raquel Wright-Mair
Rowan University
Delma Ramos
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Exploring the Changing Academic Profession: An Ecology of Academic Labor
Karley A. Riffe
Auburn University

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