Full Issue, Fall 2020

JOTP – Volume 11, Issue Two

Front Matters


SoTL in Perspective: An Inventory of the Scholarship of Teaching Literature with Recommendations for Prospective Authors
Claire Howell Major
The University of Alabama
John M. Braxton
Vanderbilt University p. 1

Weighing the Risks: The Impact of Campus Racial Climate on Faculty Engagement With Inclusive Excellence
Chayla Haynes
Texas A&M University, College Station
Frank Tuitt
University of Connecticut p. 31

No Country for Us: A Qualitative Exploration of Black Women Faculty’s Experiences Navigating Isolating Spaces in the Academy
Rema Reynolds Vassar
Clyde Barnett III
Eastern Michigan University p. 59

Using Collaborative Autoethnography to Understand the Institutionalization of Engaged Scholarship
Cecile H. Sam
Brent C. Elder
Stacey E. Leftwich
Rowan University p. 84

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