Journal of the Professoriate
Volume 11, Issue 1


The Complicit, the Compliant, and the 6%: Using Critical Race Theory to Analyze Tenure Track Position Announcements and Evaluate Institutional Commitments of Diversity and Inclusion
Z.W. Taylor
The University of Texas at Austin p. 1

Full Time, Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Service, and Organizational Commitment
Nathan Alleman
Cara Cliburn Allen
Baylor University
Don Haviland
Long Beach State University p. 48

More Options, More Use? Effects of a University’s Change in Learning Management System on Learning Management System Use
Lacey Wallace
Penn State Altoona
Cynthia Decker Raynak,
Penn State University p. 78

Stressed, Interrupted, and Under-Estimated: Experiences of Women and URM Faculty During One Workday
KerryAnn O’Meara
Liana Sayer
University of Maryland, College Park
Gudrun Nyunt
Northern Illinois University
Courtney Lennartz
University of Maryland, College Park p. 105

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