Journal of the Professoriate

Volume 5, Issue 1
Spring 2011

Front Matters


Underrepresentation in the Academy and the Institutional Climate for Faculty Diversity.
Sharon L. Fries-Britt
University of Maryland, College Park
Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon
Boston College
Laura W. Perna
University of Pennsylvania
Jeffrey F. Milem
University of Arizona
Danette Gerald Howard
Maryland Higher Education Commission

Faculty Motivation to do Research Across Disciplines in Research-Extensive Universities
Patricia L. Hardré
University of Oklahoma
Andrea D. Beesley
Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning
Raymond L. Miller
University of Oklahoma
Terry M. Pace
University of Oklahoma

Transformative Resistance as Agency: Chicanas/Latinas (Re)Creating Academic Spaces
Patricia D. Quijada Cerecer
University of Texas – San Antonio
Lucila D. Ek
University of Texas – San Antonio
Iliana Alanis
University of Texas – San Antonio
Elizabeth Murakami-Ramalho
University of Texas – San Antonio

Graduate and Professional Students’ Opinions on Work and Family Balance in Academic Careers
Kate Quinn
American Council on Education

Faculty Identity and the ‘Lesser Role’: Service to the Academy
L. Earle Reybold
George Mason University
Kirsten W. Corda
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey