Journal of the Professoriate

Volume 5, Issue 2
Summer 2011

Front Matters


Analysis of Interdisciplinary Faculty Job Postings by Institutional Type, Rank, and Discipline
Maura Borrego
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Lynita K. Newswander
University of South Dakota

Publishing Patterns at State Comprehensive Universities: The Changing Nature of Faculty Work and the Quest for Status
Bruce B. Henderson
Western Carolina University

Understanding Employment Disparities Using Glass Ceiling Effects Criteria: An Examination of Race/Ethnicity and Senior-Level Position Attainment Across the Academic Workforce
Jerlando F.L. Jackson
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Elizabeth M. O’Callaghan
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Examining the Relationship between Faculty Productivity and Job Satisfaction
Ketevan Mamiseishvili
University of Arkansas
Vicki J. Rosser
University of Nevada, Las Vegas